Sunday, March 12, 2006

Disclaimer In Progress

Ok I have to clear something up. The below post, entitled "which has more value, a grasshopper or your sister" has been renamed to "the roots of mystery."

I did this because the naming of the post was in error and was actually giving off the wrong impression of my argument about how modern day buddhists have strayed from the original teachings.

In the post I state that the premise is to protect all life because it is sacred, so no life is worth more than the life of another.

The point of the post is to get some people into thinking-cap mode so that they can be built to the point of understanding that in most cases, like it or not, change is good.

I still feel that a happy medium can be achieved between war and peace. Many modern day buddhists have come to this point. The monks used to fight in defense; there was a time when they were corrupted and lost their way but that wound healed with time.

Raging Bacteria

Ok thanks to the doctor this flu I've had for a week and six days feels like it might be on the way to the door. It has toyed with me during this illness though, so I'm a bit worried that it leaving is just a ruse. I also feel bad because it's hit my wife too, and she's got the cast-iron immune system and never gets sick. The doctor gave her pills too and she's looking a bit better, although she won't admit it.

So maybe soon I'll get back to spewing venom, but for now I still need rest... and I'm still helping take care of the wife.