Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vinny Vs. Cray, Round 1 (The only round)

I know this has nothing to do with Australia, but it needed posting.

Before we left Vinny got to have a special visit to Rebecca's work so he could see the fans on the computers.  She had to get special permission from Dirtbag's boss to bring him in, as children are not allowed in the offices or the machine room.

 I thnk one of the coolest things about the trip for him, almost as cool as the fans and touching jaguar, was his new badge.

I think he's a bit like his mama, feeling naked without a badge. I know the badge made him feel important because he made sure to show it to everyone.

He looked at a few of Jaguar's fans and at some lights and wires in the cabinets, pictures of which I could not take.

Then Al, the nice man from Cray, took Vinny to the second floor and showed him one of the cabinet fans as it was being unpacked.  He then gave Vinny a drill (mistake #1) and then a screwdriver bit (mistake #2)
and then let him open up one of the cabinets so he could remove the fan (mistake #3).

Mr. Al now had a best friend that he will never be able to get rid of his entire life.  And who would?

The fans were heavy (at least fifty pounds easy) and Mr. Al helped Vinny remove it from the cabinet.

Vinny immediately began telling Mr. Al all the parts he knew and what they did.

The discussion went on for a while, and for all the things that Vinny didn't know or understand about the fan,

 Mr. Al told him.

And messing with all those fans makes a boy good and dirty.  Mr. Al let him know that that's how you know you did some real work.  You get dirty.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Play Session Turned Bad Acid Trip

Vinny and I got together for a fun session of Sunday morning play that soon erupted into a downward spiraling morning of absolute chaos.  It started out OK.  White Prototype Boba Fett had discovered that there was a spell of resurrection hidden within the burial chamber of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Boba Fett opened the chamber and found a mummy wrapped in linens within.  He yanked out the mummy and split open the linens and looked inside.

Inside he found the long dead divine king and the spell he was looking for.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world the spell of resurrection Boba Fett found was not to be used on the Egyptian Pharaoh or anyone else he knew.  

He cast the spell and the dead all over the world rose from their graves and went on a wild drunken rampage.  Some of the undead were even caught hooning around on a motorcycle.

Fortunately for everyone else, Shogun Warriors Godzilla came up from the depths, towered thirty stories high, and breathed fire, standing in the sky, on all the zombies below.

But not everyone was happy that Godzilla arrived, despite his efforts at vanquishing the undead.  Evil dungeon-master wizard and some stormtroopers came up in an Edsel demanding that Godzilla cease and desist, but he wouldn't, so they tried to arrest him.

They weren't enough to get the job done so they called in some backup; more hoon troopers and a Tusken Raider in an Impala.

Daphne heard all the commotion and showed up in her 350z.  Problem was, she couldn't fit in it, so she tied herself down to the top.

The battle was fierce.  Joker's helicopter moved in, piloted by yet another trooper,

but his bombs and rockets weren't enough so Shaggy ate some Scooby-Snacks and took one for the team.

Ram-Man had also come into battle in an attempt to knock Godzilla over but was quickly squashed beneath the towering beast's wheeled feet.  Shogun Warrior Godzilla was not killed by Shaggy's assault; he was unpleasantly annoyed.  Forced back into the depths, he left everyone to fend for themselves. Darth Vader did his best to pacify the situation.  Darth Vader had the support of Oswald the Octopus.  Oswald used each of his eight tentacles to smack zombies in the head and remove their brains. You can see in the photo that Ram-Man is still lying in the mud.

Stealth Spider-Man jacked an Alien Tri-pod walker and flanked the zombies.  He blasted them with anti-matter rays while the Dark Lord of the Sith hacked away behind.

Everyone realized all the chips were on the table and the smackdown truly began.  Lego Optimus Prime (Kre-O) rolled in -not out- and squashed a few

but was interrupted by all-white Prototype Boba Fett.  This villain would not go down quietly.  He went directly for the Tri-pod walker and proceeded to blast parts off until it collapsed.

Watching the walker fall, Robin immediately jumped into Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Mech and aimed its main gun at Boba Fett.

Boba Fett was knocked unconscious.  Robin then shot a flare into the sky and alerted the nearby Stormwalker airship.  The Legion of Super-Heroes had left the Hall of Justice and were watching intently above for an opportunity to take Boba Fett prisoner.

They did indeed bring him in and locked him in the ship's brig.

Jango Fett had the unfortunate responsibility of watching over his prototype son.  His suppression of his emotion, his valiant effort to separate himself from his family and understand his son for what he was, no doubt saved trillions of lives that day.

Unfortunately, Superman had discovered that Poison Ivy, the Riddler, and one of Two-Face's goons had colluded with enemy.  Each were brought into custody.

Harley Quinn climbed out on the Bowsprit and prepared to weigh anchor while Bruce Wayne interrogated the Riddler and the Two-Face goon.

No one noticed Wonder Woman as she yelled and pointed from above, watching in horror as

Oswald the Octopus revealed that he too was a traitor and attacked Robin from behind.  The Kryptonite Mech was destroyed in the underhanded attack.

Medics were dispatched and Robin was transported by C-3P0 to the local hospital.

But Oswald escaped.  When Robin was released Oswald met up with him in a nearby alley and pulled a tentacle on him.

Luckily a nearby stormtrooper was riding past on his Ducati and saw the as-of-now fugitive Oswald and intervened.

The trooper shot Oswald right in the inker and took him into custody.

Robin, his nerves destroyed by the day's events, jumped into the batmobile and made his way home to Wayne Manor.

Sadly, unable to control the batmobile, Robin struck a pedestrian and crashed into a ravine.  The accident was fatal.  As he lay dying, the true depth of the curse was seen for the first time.  The pedestrian he struck, herself slain, rose from the dead.

This was not the end.  Other villains decided it was time to make their move.

Skeletor and his crew got with Faramir and built the Tower of Doom, A Barnum and Bailey Circus Extravaganza that when rotating would create storms worldwide.

Realizing how much chaos this would cause, He-Man and friends teamed up with Medieval Spawn and swore to bring the tower down.

Skeletor initiated the device and weather everywhere went straight to pot.  The Masters of the Universe could not fight their way to the tower.  The world was in chaos.  No one could go outside to play.

You can see above that Evil Robin actually showed up and helped get the tower going.  Evil Robin is distinguished from regular Robin in that he has brown hair.  With Evil Robin's help, the rest of Skeletor's gang stood by and laughed as they watched the futile attempts of the heroes to stop their day-ruining machine.


What could anyone do?  Who could save them?  Who could risk it all to bring this machine down?  Who could hold the line?  If not even He-Man could do it, WHO COULD?

Charging up the rails as quickly as superman, Thomas the Tank Engine set himself full-speed to the base of the Tower of Doom in a glorious suicide-attack.

The minions of Skeletor could not stop Thomas' assault.  His cheeky little engine crashed into the base of the Tower of Doom and sent it falling into rubble.  Thomas' USEFUL sacrifice will be remembered for generations.

Cinders and Ashes!  When the dust had settled and the heroes began to rejoice, one voice lifted among many.  It was he, the uber-villain, the master behind the curse of zombies, the master behind Skeletor, and perhaps he who brought Shogun Warriors Godzilla from the depths.  It was he, the true most powerful of mesmers, a master of hypnosis and dance, who the heroes learned was calling ALL the shots.

And they were surprised.

It was Elvis Presley.

Elvis stood on stage and revealed his hypnotic Pez Dispenser, a tool he used to distribute his mind-controlling Pez, feeding the sweet serum to the masses.

Elvis stood on stage and sang, he danced, and he distributed Pez.  More and more people succumbed to zombie-ism without dying.  Yes, he's that good.

The brain dead listeners bowed to the King of Rock.  Undead rose from their graves worldwide.  Listeners became zombies just from listening.  Even all the heroes were looking for trouble, and had gone to the right place.

The earth shook violently as Shogun Warriors Godzilla burst from underneath and began to throw a tantrum.  He lashed out, shot his spring hand, and breathed his plastic tongue-fire on anyone and everything he could.
He raised his hands into the sky and roared, and all before him perished.

Evil dungeon-master wizard found the strength whilst this was all happening to crawl his way onto the stage and face the King of Rock 'N' Roll face to face, mano a mano,

and while the two were distracted, Shogun Warrior Godzilla shot his spring hand into the stage and killed them all.  It was finally over.

Or was it?

For the fifteenth suddenly of the morning, suddenly a T-REX attacked!

Shogun Warriors Godzilla beat the T-REX into the ground repeatedly and breathed fire over and over again.

But he couldn't win!  Finally somehow Vinny found out that the T-REX only wanted blueberries, and Vinny lured T-REX into a blueberry trap where he found himself muzzled by a rubber band.

Vinny then scratched him behind the ears and put him to sleep.  He woke up repeatedly wanting more blueberries, which Vinny provided.  Soon, he became Vinny's muzzled T-REX friend.

- END -