Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vinny Vs. Cray, Round 1 (The only round)

I know this has nothing to do with Australia, but it needed posting.

Before we left Vinny got to have a special visit to Rebecca's work so he could see the fans on the computers.  She had to get special permission from Dirtbag's boss to bring him in, as children are not allowed in the offices or the machine room.

 I thnk one of the coolest things about the trip for him, almost as cool as the fans and touching jaguar, was his new badge.

I think he's a bit like his mama, feeling naked without a badge. I know the badge made him feel important because he made sure to show it to everyone.

He looked at a few of Jaguar's fans and at some lights and wires in the cabinets, pictures of which I could not take.

Then Al, the nice man from Cray, took Vinny to the second floor and showed him one of the cabinet fans as it was being unpacked.  He then gave Vinny a drill (mistake #1) and then a screwdriver bit (mistake #2)
and then let him open up one of the cabinets so he could remove the fan (mistake #3).

Mr. Al now had a best friend that he will never be able to get rid of his entire life.  And who would?

The fans were heavy (at least fifty pounds easy) and Mr. Al helped Vinny remove it from the cabinet.

Vinny immediately began telling Mr. Al all the parts he knew and what they did.

The discussion went on for a while, and for all the things that Vinny didn't know or understand about the fan,

 Mr. Al told him.

And messing with all those fans makes a boy good and dirty.  Mr. Al let him know that that's how you know you did some real work.  You get dirty.

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