Thursday, February 09, 2006

Letter Of The Week

This is a true jewel. It is so great I just HAD to post it. The following letter was written in the local paper on Sunday, January 29, 2006. The letter was written by Kenneth X and was written in response to recent religious controversy over a made-for-TV film. The letter was dubbed "Letter of the Week" by the editorial staff.

Kenneth X

I agree with those TV viewers and letter writers who don't find dysfunctional families- like the one in the "Book of Daniel" - entertaining. But, in order to be consistent with my values, I've also decided to stop reading all those stories about dysfunctional families, too.

No more reading about a man with anger management problems who kills his brother ( Cain ).

No more reading about a drunken father who exposes himself to his children ( Noah ).

No more reading about dishonest, deceitful, cheating brothers ( Jacob ).

No more reading about a politician with a desperate housewife ( Samson and Delilah ).

No more reading about a king who consults a medium for advice ( Saul ).

No more reading about polygamist leaders who allow their many wives to turn them from God ( Solomon ).

No more reading about kings who commit adultery and then cover it up with murder ( David, later described as "a man after God's own heart" ).

No more reading about a prophet who marries a harlot ( Hosea ).

No more reading about a preacher who strips himself naked and goes streaking through town ( Isaiah ).

In fact, No more reading about a chosen nation described as a wicked and adulterous generation ( Israel ).

And no more reading about apostles who curse and deny their Lord ( Peter ) or a terrorist turned missionary who argues with his co-workers ( Paul ) or churches that are told to stop stealing ( Ephesians ) or commitiing incest ( Corinthians ). How on Earth would God possibly use people like that?

I suppose it makes more sense to pretend that God shows no grace and uses only perfect people like the Waltons and the IIngalls.

So why should Christians have to be subjected to the idea of an imperfect minister whose family life is a mess?

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great letter!

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