Thursday, June 07, 2007


Oh well Paris Hilton is out of jail five days after she went in. Seems she wasn't eating much of the food this penitentiary was serving her and was released to house arrest for medical reasons. HEAR THAT CONS? All it means is you just need to be a little stubborn and spoiled brat and you just might get out of the joint for "medical reasons." God forbid all you guys and gals in the pen throw ignorant hunger strikes because you don't like your accomodations. Oh yeah, it helps to be a billionaire heiress who is loose in the knees too, I guess.

I thought the American Justice System was better than this.


Anonymous said...

It was only techinically 5 days. She went in "just before midnight" sunday and left "just after midnight" thursday. I'm only giving her credit for 3 days; not that my opinion holds any weight with the authorities here.

Captain Fatbody said...

Yes you're right about this. Isn't it a shame that she was given credit for five days regardless of whatever time she spent in custody? It's five days on the record, not three. It only further shows the discrepancy of treatment between rich whores in custody and poor black men in custody.

I guarantee if it were some unknown poor minority jailed for the same offense, not only would his/her sentence been longer but also he/she would have been left to starve behind bars if he/she decided not to eat, not to mention given more credit for time served than deserved.

Ginger said...

Who wouldn't want to do time at Paris' house? I might consider committing a criminal act if my punishment is house arrest in a multi million dollar mansion.