Monday, May 25, 2009

Religion And Paulitics, Part 2: WWJD?

What would Jeff Do?

I once thought, if I were the great creator, and I created humanity, and humanity sinned, how would I reconcile the transgression?

Well, I am a creator. I am now. I wasn't before, but now I am.

I used to believe in the death penalty. I used to believe in war. I used to believe a soldier's death was acceptable. I used to believe that civilian casualties were just part of war. It just happens. They're just numbers, after all.

I used to believe that if people acted out of turn, badly enough, their life was forfeit.

As I got older, I started changing. Beliefs shifted. Values evolved.

And then I had a son.

And overnight everyone became someone's baby.

That soldier in the trenches is someone's baby. That child in the school where the terrorists are hiding is someone's baby. And most importantly, that man tied to the injection table is someone's baby.

This is not something I expect anyone to understand unless they've experienced it themselves.

When you've created life, that life is sacred.

I have created life. God has created life. My son doesn't do what I say. My son continues to do things that will get him killed. My son is very defiant. My son despises me at times.

Yet not once would I ever want to see him suffer. He is my son, in whom I am well pleased. He makes mistakes. He deviates from the path I would ask him to follow.

Yet not once would I ever want to see that smile disappear, or hear that laughter fade. There may be bad times, but there are also good times. And yes, even the bad times hold a special place in my heart. He and I both learn and grow together.

And I am no better than God.

I do not know better than God.

Yet I feel so strongly for my creation that I would die to see it live.

Is that the point?

Is that why God sacrificed his Son (or Himself) so our souls can be saved?

No. Because God was there, is there, and will always be there. As is his Son. A Sacrifice? No.

I don't feel this is necessary. God knows what I know. I was created in God's image. I am a creator. To me, my son is god.

I am no better than God. I'm sure God feels the same way for his creation. He loves us. He understands us. And we are Saved. Q.E.D.

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