Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ghost Baby In the Mirror??

I happened to notice something odd in my mirror today after I took my morning shower. I didn't see these things last night after I took my shower after working in the yard. Granted, I don't normally believe in this sort of thing, but I must admit, this is seriously odd.

One could say these are the handprints of my toddler son, but he wasn't in the bathroom at the time. He'd have had to climb up on the sink and reach up onto the mirror to leave these marks, and as I said, he wasn't in the bathroom at all from the time I took my shower last night and when I took my shower this morning, except to brush his teeth. When he brushed his teeth he was held by his mother; he didn't climb up on the sink.

My wife has also stated that he sometimes climbs up on the sink when he's around her, yet I state again that these handprints were not there last night. They are easily visible and I would have noticed them had they been there.

Our son has always carried on conversations with someone or something since he was first verbal. We always attributed it to either his imagination or his acting out conversations he had overheard and remembered.

I have two other pictures that look like someone placed their hand on the wet mirror and left a dry spot, and even though they look like handprints, they are nowhere near as compelling as these two. I can show those upon request. The only thing odd about them is they appear to show a six-fingered hand.

These pictures, however, send chills up my spine.

Again, I don't normally believe in this sort of thing. What do you think?

By the way, these pics are my property, and I'd best not see them anywhere else, without my written permission and proper credit.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog popped up when I Googled "handprint mirror ghost." I just saw the movie Paranormal Activity and it reminded me of an incident that happened in my mother's house in 2004, when a bathroom vanity had SEVERAL different handprints on it, ranging from a small child's hand to a large man's hand. Your post makes me wonder if this happens to more people than I've realized. I don't discount it being a spirit that wants to make its presence known.