Sunday, September 11, 2005

Rosemary Is For Rememberance

Well we all know what day this is. We all know we have to remember it. We all know why. Maybe starting a blog for myself on this day might help me cope. What? I still need to cope? Four years and I still need to cope? Of course I do. How can I go on when my gov't keeps telling me to be afraid. Yeah go out and have fun, just duck when you see the flash or hear the siren. Give me a break.

Lots of people dead, and what have we got to show for it? A bunch of dented armor and beat-up humvees, and blackhawk helicopters that you couldn't get half price for at a farm auction. The bodies might not be piling up as quickly, but really, how do we know? We only know what they tell us. But for those of us with a brain, this war looks all too familiar. Too damn familiar.

That's what happens when you throw your food off the high chair just cause you're mad. It hits the floor, and you can't eat it. So what do you do? You scream. You scream and hope mommy or daddy will give you new food. But there's no mommy or daddy here, and our food is attracting flies.

And all this for those brave souls who died at the WTC. I don't know about you, but after I'm dead, I hope my president doesn't destroy a country because of it. Well he wouldn't anyway since I don't own an oil field, but I'm just saying, even though it sounds cool and all, 1,000 people to my one death just ain't worth it. I don't care if they DID crap all over me and set me on fire.

Well, how many people died on 9/11/01? I'm not trivializing it: it was a tragedy. But what about the next tragedy? 1,500 plus american troops dead? Isn't that a tragedy? OH NO, people say. THAT'S THEIR JOB. Actually, no it isn't. Last time I checked, they were not defending the borders of their respective states. The unfortunate thing is half of them are so afraid to stand up and say anything about it, or are too brainwashed to do anything about it. Just like the rest of the corn-fed populace in the stable.

What about these poor folks on the Gulf Coast? Isn't that a tragedy? Probably not, since they were non-whites (yes, I agree with the New Orleans mayor). President Bush in his operation do-over tried to make it look like he cared, but what could he do? Well what would you expect? Twin towers got attacked and he sat and read a book about a goat, upside down I might add, to kids. What more can we expect?

At least Al Gore paid out of his own pocket to fly peeps out of there. Good for him. I guess Bush couldn't do that though, cause after running three or more companies into bankruptcy your credit just ain't that good. Well, what credit the man has. I mean, I'd trust him to ruin something, or tear down something, but to be creative? Not unless it's finding new creative ways to fail.

I was expecting Pat Robertson to get on his high horse and say that New Orleans asked for what it got because of the sins of Mardi Gras. I guess he knew better, after he got in trouble for asking people to pray that our liberal judges on the Supreme Court died. Yeah yeah he said later that he didn't mean that, but give me a break. How else can you replace judges? Sure they can retire, but do they? Historically? Come on pat, just own up to the responsibility. Get some balls and support your argument. Be like your other buddy, the other Pat. Pat Buchanan. At least he's got the nerve to make a stand.

I was glad to see the Onion report that the Louisiana National Guard was helping in the rescue of people by calling in 911 from Iraq. When Bush said he was sending in "regulars" to help in disaster relief, I thought, REGULARS? Shouldn't they be the ones dodging bullets and disarming mines in the fertile crescent? Well what more can I expect? I'm not trying to insult the National Guard, but when it comes to conquering a country, wouldn't you send your regular army, and not the people who just do it 2 weeks out of the year so they can get a good college fund and benefits? Hmmm... maybe that's why we've taken so many losses in that war. But then I don't really know. Are we losing that war, you think? What is the price for an election going to be?

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