Monday, December 26, 2005

Miranda On A Milkbox

Ok i don't even know if that's how you properly spell miranda, but i don't really care. What I do care about is this government of mine continually eroding away my civil liberties because of a fart and a whim.

What is up with this new "law" by our wonderful president saying that wiretaps can be used without a warrant? Oh rest assured they'll only be used if there's reason to do so. HEY WAKE UP AMERICA! THATS THE WAY THE LAW ALREADY WAS! Ever hear of probable cause? Proving to a judge that you know someone might be up to something so you get a warrant to investigate further?

They claim that they don't have time to get a warrant. BULLSHIT. What they are saying is their intelligence sucks so bad they want to be able to stop a guy when they pick up an errant signal on a cell phone that says "OH MY GOD I"M READY, PUSH THE BUTTON!" People don't plan to bomb things then go and do it before the end of the commercial break. COME ON, GEORGE! GET YOUR CRONIES TO TELL BETTER LIES!

And scan this email. I dare you. Come give me problems. Give me MORE reasons to run my mouth. That diarrhea isn't stopping, and you ain't got enough immodium to shut me up. Try me.


amphimacer said...

Enjoyed the rants, and agreed with you about W, customer service, etc., but MAN! are you a bad speller! Are you just typing fast and posting without running spellcheck, or is that the way you think these things are spelled? I'll come back, but take a minute for those of us to whom orthography counts, please!

Captain Fatbody said...

naa i type fast, 90 to 100 words a minute plus when i rant and rave. I can spell, but to be honest, these handjobs aren't worth the effort to spell correctly for them. I guess for the people that read the blog i could take the time to spell correctly, but if i do that i lose the momentum of the rant.

and if that's not a good enough answer, i don't give a shit. Just understand it's a tirade, not a formal presentation, and we'll leave it at that.

but anyways, thanks pointing out the mispellings. Some things i can never spell, like diarrhea. I wasn't sure about miranda.